Naomi Yamazaki Bikotsukatsu

Reduces face size & realigns facial bone structure!

The Naomi Yamazaki Bikotsukatsu Method combines the Korean Korugi Method with other techniques she has learned to help individuals achieve their best state. By applying pressure to restructure the facial bones and relaxing/loosening the muscles, one would be able to achieve a smaller and more balanced facial appearance for a long period of time. This same technique can be also be applied to the body to realign and bring ones body to be at its best. The Naomi Yamazaki Bikotsukatsu Method results in a surprisingly visible difference.


Ones face and body naturally starts to swell, droop, and/or distort over the years. Unbalanced features will not return to its original state without shifting it. Espoir provides the Naomi Yamazaki Bikotsukatsu Method, an unique and original method, after continuous research and practice. We hope that you would give it a try and see what a difference it could make!

SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu
SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu
SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu
SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu
SUPER Body Bikotsukatsu
SUPER Body Bikotsukatsu

SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu Effects:

・Reduced face size
・Lift up of face
・Corrects distortion & restores balance to face
・Sharpens facial features
・Sharpens facial line(Improves picture profile)
・Improves forehead structure
・Activates anti-aging of skin
・Look 5 years younger!


SUPER Body Bikotsukatsu Effects:

・Straightens spine
・Sharpens clavicle & beautifies neckline
・Slims down upper arm
・Improves shape of hip & buttocks
・Improves bust appearance
・Improves waist shape
・Straightens & lengthens legs
・Adjusts pelvis balance
・Aids in postpartum care of pelvis


Bikotsukatsu Features:

1)Prolonged appearance of results
2)Stimulates ones bones, which helps increase metabolism and with continued treatments, it also helps decrease the likelihood of gaining weight
3)Beneficial to beauty and health, as well as ones bodily functions

Bikotsukatsu Health Benefits

・Helps rejuvenate aged bone
・Improves metabolism & warms up body
・Relieves chronic and systemic stiffness & tension
・Decreases likelihood of gaining weight
・Improves ones digestive system
・Improves uterus function(menstrual irregularities & conceiving difficulties

*Highly recommended for those who are not satisfied with ordinary massages and/or for those who are experiencing severe stiffness


SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu
Back、Decollete、Neck、Bone Structure Realignment、Reduce Face Size、Muscle Loosening
SUPER Face Bikotsukatsu Course
Decollete、Neck、Bone Structure Realigment、Reduce Face Size、Muscle Loosening
SUPER Body Bikotsukatsu
Foot Bath、Leg、Arm, Bust, Pelvis、Uterus、Bowel、Muscle Loosening
Bikotsukatsu Platinum Session
Face + Body Bikotsukatsu Special!!

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