In Hawaii, Yomogi Therapy is only offered at Espoir!

Yomogi or Mugwort, contains various ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, carotene, cineole, and flavonoids. This herb not only has numerous benefits, it is safe to drink, touch, smell, or even burn. At Espoir, we steam yomogi with hot water, which is absorbed thorough ones skin.

It takes some time for the yomogi steam to absorb into your skin because our skin consists of many layers. At Espoir, the client sits on a stool with hole in the middle to allow the yomogi steam to rise and come into direct contact with the genitalia. Yomogi Therapy is beneficial to those experiencing a variety of conditions, sensitivity to cold, gynecological disease, and/or menopause. The scent created by the Yomogi aids in the healing process. The steam created with the Yomogi herb helps to warm up your body and reduce the amount of unwanted waste that has accumulated in your body through the process of producing sweat. This therapy is especially advantageous for those who lack exercise, have low metabolism, and/or poor circulation.

Yomogi therapy will cause clients to produce a significant amount of sweat. However, we ask clients not to take shower and only wipe themselves with a towel. This helps to increase the effectiveness of the Yomogi Therapy by allowing your body to have a longer absorption time. Just by wiping your body, you will be left with smooth skin.

Espoir’s Yomogi Therapy uses Yomogi that has been aged for three years. We formulate this herb mixture to accommodate the client’s concerns. Together, along with the therapist, we hope you will find your perfect blend of yomogi.

We hope you will consider experiencing the healing power of Yomogi & the effectiveness of Yomogi Therapy!


Yomogi Therapy 30 Minutes/$40

Each Additional 10 Minutes/$10


*The price above does not include tax(Hawaii 4.712%)or tip
*We accept Cash, Card, & Check (Payable to: Espoir)