Espoir’s Lomi Lomi Massage therapist is Kazuyo

LOMIATSU | Lomi Lomi + Shiatsu

Lomi Lomi Massage is a traditional massage in Hawaii and Shiatsu Massage is the pressing of acupressure points of the body. At Espoir, we combine these two types of massages to increase the effectiveness of getting a massage. By using the palm of our hands and elbows, we gradually relax the muscles by firmly pressing down to relieve the stiffness of the entire body. By combining Lomi Lomi Massage and Shiatsu Massage, we are able to enhance the natural healing power and better ones lymph circulation. This massage helps to relieve stress and so is very popular among those who frequently have busy days.

LOMISPO | Lomi Lomi + Sports Massage

At Espoir, we offer a massage that is the combination of Lomi Lomi Massage and Sports Massage. This type of massage incorporates various stretches to helps loosen the muscles. In doing so, it will aid in reducing, if not eliminating, the source of fatigue one may experience. This particular type of massage is popular among athletes and individuals who are involved in various sports.



For clients who want to relieve neck, shoulder, and lower back pain…

LOMIATSU | Lomi Lomi + Shiatsu 85 Minutes/$110

For clients who want to alleviate the fatigue/pain from exercise…

LOMISPO | Lomi Lomi + Sports Massage 85 Mintues/$110

♦ Transportation fee for all reservations outside of our Kaimuki salon is an additional $15! ♦


*The price above does not include Tax(Hawaii 4.712%) or tip
*We accept Cash, Card, & Check (Payable to: Espoir)