Espoir proudly offers the first and only “Itodatsumou,” Japanese facial threading, in Hawaii and in the United States!

“Itodatsumou” Japanese facial threading, is a registered trademark of the Nippon Threading Association. Using three threads of varying sizes, the Itodatsumou technique safely and effectively removes hair and dead skin cells while activating skin cell regeneration to encourage skin renewal without the use of any chemicals or radical treatments.

Continuous treatments of Itodatsumou will also help normalize sebum (oil) secretion and is considered especially effective for those with oily, dry or combination skin. In as little as one session, clients marvel at their smooth, glowing, youthful skin, which can be maintained for up to three weeks after each treatment.

Traditional Asian threading techniques, such as Korean Torupokki and Taiwanese mouth threading (in which the thread is controlled by the practioner’s mouth), are often associated with discomfort, stinging, minor swelling and redness. However, the Japanese Itodatsumou minimalizes these advert effects by applying a coating of Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare approved powder to the entire face and through the use of a unique threading technique in which the hair is “twisted” off in cluster with the thread to minimize discomfort and pore stretching.



Recommended for first-time treatments and for those seeking revitalized skin…

Basic Itodatsumou Session $100.00

This session includes Itodatsumou threading (40 min), Iontophoresis or ultrasonic treatment, and a peppermint modeling mask
*Removes dead skin cells and leaves you with rejuvenated skin

Recommended for every four weeks maintenance…

Maintenance Itodatsumou Session $70.00

This session is same as Basic Itodatsumou Session.  Only returning client who comes back within a month.

*The length of treatment time may vary based on amount of hair. Clients who visit on a monthly basis will find the treatment time will be faster and the skin renewal processes increases.
*For the Basic Course, clients will feel a difference in skin texture and experience smooth moisturized skin.  We recommend maintenance to prevent your skin trouble.
*For our treatments, we use thread that is made specifically for facial treatments and facial powder that has received safety approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health.
*Itodatsumou Japanese Threading technique has been a registered trademark since 2001. We recommend treatments at salons that carry the official trademark logo and registration number.

Courtesy of YouTube | Nadine Kam at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser


*The price above does not include tax(Hawaii 4.712%)or tip
*We accept Cash, Card, & Check (Payable to: Espoir)